Tuesday, 1 May 2007

01/05/07: Lord Laden

You may well be asking why I did this picture. It's because I've been thinking about Lord Lucan AND Usama Bin Laden. They have several things in common: they both come from extremely privileged backgrounds, they both have a total disregard for human life, and they both have seemingly disappeared without trace. I've done Usama as an English gent!

Technically, I composited this picture in Photoshop, first selecting a picture of Usama, then gentrifying him up with the deerstalker, cloak, monocle and pipe. Then I placed him in context - the background is a detail from "The Haywain" by Constable. I pushed each layer through a different cutout filter then the whole result got pushed through the trace function in Illustrator. Bet you're glad you asked.
This artwork is available as a free pdf at: www.dailyartblog.com

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