Saturday, 23 June 2007

23/06/07: Pin Goggles

Along with Firepower I also own a Space Invaders. It has the most amazing artwork and a fantastic infinity backflash based on H. G. Giger's stuff from 'Alien'. In short an rocking looking game but not all that in the gameplay department. Firepower and Black Knight both have the typical Steve Ritchie 'flow' to them, but there is no real flow on this table unless you count repeatedly making the horseshoe loop in the centre of the table. In short I was wearing Pin goggles when I bought this. and Richard spent the day over at the farm sorting out FP and also taking a look at SI. FP is now 100% functional and SI now successfully completes it's boot-up sequence. Sweet!
This artwork is available as a free pdf at:

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