Sunday, 24 June 2007

24/06/07: Pin_Karma

Allow me to elaborate. As I mentioned yesterday we got Firepower running 100%, and then after setting it to a five-baller (but otherwise leaving it on factory defaults), we played a game, and I clocked it...FIRST GAME! Oh yes baby! How sweet is that? Pin_Karma.

For any pinball fanatics here are the details of the game repair:

1) We swapped out my old MPU and driver board for brand new replacement boards made by Kohout Enterprises System and available from - this got us back a working game with the Firepower game modification chips in place. With these mods there are various missions to complete including a biggie in multi-ball mode. we had a quick game at which point we noticed that the sound (but not the speech) was also screwed. Exciting!
2) We then swapped out the boards (including the sound board) with my backup set, which again got us a working game. I say 'we', basically I mean Richard.
3) While he was doing all that I was cleaning the bloom off the playfield.

If you want more Firepower details then visit: - it's worth it, we've just done an interview with Eugene Jarvis, programmer and sound designer on FP. Also I've just done a full set of FP playing cards for free download...

This artwork is available as a free pdf at:

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